esd 2502 water softener system

ESD 2502 Water Softener

The latest technology for water treatment, the ESD 2502 from EcoWater includes a brine tank, bypass valve and patented electronics for the cleanest, softest, and healthiest water available.

Examine the exclusive features of the ESD 2502 water softener


Optional Bypass Valve

Brass-free and lead-free bypass valve lets you manually bypass the system.


Patented Electronics

Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use electronics capture historical usage patterns to predict future needs for precise regenerations.


Multi-Wrap Fiberglass Reinforced Resin Tank

Durable fiberglass -wrapped tank liner, doesn’t deteriorate, rust, or corrode.


Self-Cleaning Distributors

Distributors exhibit excellent flow rates and are cleaned automatically by preventing clogging.


Brine Valve

Controls water flow in and out of salt tank. Features automatic shut-off to prevent overfilling.

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